Iridia Medical is currently working on developing an all-in-one Occupational Health Service to bring to businesses soon. We are aiming to provide an all-encompassing health and safety provision that is framed around 4 quadrants. Historically, organizations will have no knowledge of the health and safety of their employees or will examine it once, act on it initially, and then not continue to monitor how staff is proceeding. The 4 quadrants that we will be utilizing for the examination of organizations are:

  • Mental Health
  • Behavioural
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Physiological

This service will look to both provide an assessment with where organizations are currently positioned and give support and resources to monitor and aid in bettering employee’s health and safety at their organization moving forward. We are hoping to go to market with I-OHS (Iridia Occupational Health and Safety) in 2022.


Specialty Consulting

We are a multi-faceted company that is ready and willing to attempt to find solutions for business partners that approach us with problems that require innovative solutions. Most recently, this has resulted in a relationship with the school of Health Sciences at BCIT and aiding the attempt to innovate the student experience.

Our goal is to enhance the learning experience with these students through innovation. We provide staff and faculty an open environment to come together and conversate openly about topics that can lead to new prospective ideas. Our process is catered to conclude with ideas that the group can move forward with and look to act on.



Communities across Canada are in urgent need of harm reduction policies. Many are now facing challenges with community resistance and in locating appropriate facilities for supervised consumption sites.

Configured specifically for supervised consumption services, I-MIS units offer a mobile response to the opioid crisis. I-MIS offers service flexibility and greater community acceptance than most fixed sites.

Advancing modern healthcare involves ushering in changes to systems, processes, and workflows. Our experienced consultant and clinician teams are ideally suited to brokering this change effectively. We appreciate that project success is achieved through a delicate balance of managing competing stakeholder interests and leveraging ever-evolving technology, while operating in an environment of increasing budgetary constraint.

Facilitating Practical
Healthcare Solutions

  • Extensive network of clinicians (MDs, nurses, paramedics, etc)
  • Understanding and appreciation of the views of senior leadership and frontline staff
  • Scalable solutions that work in tandem with your existing resources and systems
  • Providing an external, unbiased perspective

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