Iridia understands that the safety of workers is of utmost importance. The Remote Care Services division enables peace of mind by delivering the right care at the right time. This commitment is instrumental in helping us determine the best complement of resources to deploy to each project. Our team will look at a range of factors – number of workers, distance to nearest hospital, risk profile of the project, etc…- as we go through the decision-making process on what roles are best suited to a particular project.

Iridia has an extensive network of medical professionals to suit the needs of projects of all sizes. Our team includes: Registered Nurses, Advanced Care Paramedics, Primary Care Paramedics, EMRs, and OFAIIIs. We have years of experience in mixing and matching our team to find the right combination for each unique project.

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Field Medical Services

Iridia Medical can provide medical professionals to care for the injured and ill, and keep your work site safe. Our nurses and paramedics are seasoned veterans with invaluable experience working in remote settings. For every risk level and need, we can supply a certified professional for your project.

All of our team members have completed either the OFA III or Paramedic in the Industry course. Depending on the deployment opportunity, we ensure our paramedics have all the necessary certifications, such as H2S Alive, Petroleum Safety Training, and Confined Space Training, in addition to their EMALB license.

Paramedics provide a high level of care and can play a key role as a leader in high risk and high volume sites.

Iridia’s registered nurses are skilled practitioners with backgrounds in emergency nursing and invaluable experience working in remote settings. With skills complementing those of our paramedics, our nurses make up an integral part of a highly-effective team that focuses on the treatment of illness and injury as well as the implementation of health and wellness initiatives to promote the well-being of camp residents.

Nurses are best paired with paramedics to provide safety in high risk and high volume sites.

Our staff are equipped with all the necessary equipment and updated certification needed to provide advanced first-aid for your site.

A first-aid attendant will provide the necessary level of care for lower-risk jobs.


On-site COVID Services

Iridia has been at the forefront of COVID testing in BC. We are accredited by the College of Surgeons of BC and can provide testing at the location of your choosing. Iridia has developed testing strategies to suite your project. For example, we have developed strategies for entry/exit testing, mid-rotation testing, close-contact testing.

Each project will have unique features for consideration and Iridia will help guide you as you navigate this new and evolving aspect of health and safety. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your testing needs.

Physician Support

The backbone of Remote Care Services is our physician support team. Our physicians have extensive emergency medicine experience as well a deep understanding of industrial medicine and the realities our field team face. They are available 24/7 to support our team as they manage patients on a day-to-day basis. In having direct physician access, we aim to reduce operational downtime and unnecessary transports off-site. Additional medical consulting is available to help resolve medical challenges and issues.



Iridia has a fleet of 4×4 Industrial Ambulances and Mobile Treatment Centres readily available for each project. The vehicles are equipped to WorksafeBC standards to ensure compliance when a standalone first aid room/medical clinic is not available. When considering the need for an on-site vehicle, we encourage you to think about the patient – is a long transport possible? If yes, an ambulance is likely your best choice. If not, an MTC might work just perfectly. Call our team to discuss.

Join Our Field Team

Are you a nurse, paramedic, EMR or OFAIII who is interested in joining the Iridia team? Apply below to be considered and we’ll be in touch if a position opens up for our many projects.

FSJ team

Field Office

Our field office in Fort St. John, BC acts as a operational hub for our work in remote sites around the province and beyond. This office allows our team to coordinate with nurses and paramedics on the field, and supply sites with equipment and vehicles.


Contact our Fort St. John office by phone (250 787 7764) or by email: fsj@iridiamedical.com

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