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In Canada, up to 35,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) happen each year. That’s one roughly every 12 minutes. SCAs do not discriminate and cannot be predicted – they can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time without warning. The only effective treatment for SCA is an early electric shock from an automated external defibrillator (AED), coupled with quality CPR. AED in Canada are electronic devices that are used to shock patients to reset their electrical rhythm after they malfunctioned to help increase the chances of survival and is an important part of any preparation plan. AEDs in Canada are accessible online, and you can get your own defibrillator in Canada for your home or your business with Iridia Medical. 

SCAs are not the same things as heart attacks. Heart attacks are caused by blockages of the heart, and some people continue walking and talking while having a heart attack. Instead, cardiac arrest happens when the heart rhythm malfunctions, causing the heart’s ventricles to quiver or ‘fibrillate’. When this happens, the heart cannot pump blood around the body sufficiently and death results fast. The heart must be shocked into beating effectively again in a procedure referred to as defibrillation. 

Response time is critical; for every minute of delay in delivering the shock, survival rates for SCA victims decrease by 7-10%. However, it can easily take over 10 minutes between recognizing a cardiac arrest and the arrival of paramedics to deliver an AED shock. That is why it is so important to have publicly accessible defibrillators. 



Choosing Your AED in Canada 

While all AEDs in principle carry out the same function, not all of them are identical. The offerings for an AED in Canada range in variety and can be beneficial in certain situations: 

  • Escalating energy 
  • This feature increases the energy level of subsequent shocks. This increases the probability of effectiveness and ultimately, resuscitation 
  • Have semi-automatic (a shock button) or automatic features (deliver the shock without someone initiating it) 
  • Provide ‘coaching’ to guide users on giving effective CPR breathing and compressions 
  • This includes voice prompts, a metronome (for timing of compressions), and text display 
  • Be sold with pads (electrodes) for use on children under 8 years old or under 25 kg  
  • All AEDs can be used with pediatric pads outside of the Lifepak CR2. The Lifepak CR2 has a pediatric mode button ie.) You can use the same set of pads as adult but when in ‘child mode’, the voltage will be significantly reduced  
  • Multiple languages  
  • Self-tests to ensure the AEDs are in working order 

An AED can determine the following information:   

  • Analyze the heart rhythm of the victim 
  • Decide whether a shock is required
  • Guide the rescuer through each step by using voice or screen prompts 

AED in Canada are being installed in public places such as hockey arenas and parks. 

Proper Maintenance and Storage of an AED in Canada

Several AEDs feature built-in self-tests, but others may be checked manually (always consult the user guide for the device). Someone should oversee checking the equipment and battery on a regular intermittent basis as if service signals are not acted upon promptly, the defibrillator might not function in an emergency. It is absolutely critical that the AED be kept in good working condition. 

Keep spare batteries, pads, disposable razors (for removing chest hair), and other accessories in a secure, open location. After they have been used once, some of these goods, such as pads and razors, should be thrown out or recycled. 

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Automated External Defibrillator Canada

An AED in Canada should be checked regularly in case of an emergency. If a self-test fails, contact the manufacturer to resolve any service problems that result from voice or visual cues. When the device warns you that servicing is required, contact the us at Iridia Medical or the manufacturer. 

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and testing procedure exactly. Maintenance will include the following activities: 

  • Verifying the status of the AED  
  • Checking the pad and accessories 
  • Checking batteries 
  • Cleaning 
  • Checklists are available from a few manufacturers. If your handbook does not have one, you can make one yourself. 
  • Although not necessary, it can help to have a backup battery on hand. How often you should replace batteries is specified in the manual. Batteries can sometimes lose their power even if they aren’t being used. 

AED in Canada For Sale

AED in Canada are available for purchase. You can find your AED for sale on our website with a variety of options for your AED solution. 

When purchasing an AED in Canada, it is important to consider the following factors: 

  • Type of AED you need (automatic or semi-automatic) 
  • Features you need (coaching, pads for children, etc.) 
  • Price 
  • Warranty 
  • Maintenance and storage requirements 
  • How many AEDs are needed 
  • An AED should be accessible by anyone in your facility within 80 seconds when walking at a brisk pace 

An AED solution is an important investment as it could eventually lead to being the eventual reason for saving someone’s life. For all your defibrillator needs in Canada, be sure to choose from Iridia Medical! 

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AED in Canada

Overall Impact

35 000

Estimated amount of cardiac arrests that occur in Canada annually. That’s one cardiac arrest every 12 minutes.


Increase of survival rates following a cardiac arrest, with the use of an AED


Nearly 90% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are fatal.

3 - 5 mins

Effective AED programs are designed to deliver a shock to a victim within three to five minutes after the person collapses.

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