Celebrate Iridia Day With Us!

We celebrate Iridia Day on July 7th as it relates to the 77th element on the periodic table, Iridium. Iridium is an incredibly important element for us since it’s highly durable much like we’ve weathered changing market landscapes and economic slowdowns. It’s an alloy that connects metals like we engage and form connections between our different stakeholders. Additionally, it is rare like we are a rare collection of workers with varying expertise.

Iridia Day is an opportunity to come together and commemorate the aspects that make us unique as well as to give back to our consumers. In an effort to recognize our clients on this special day for us, we will be having two special promotions!

Firstly, we will be offering a one-day flash sale on July 8th on all of our AEDs! To celebrate Iridium, there will be a discount of $231 (77×3) on all of the AEDs purchased on this day.

Please contact us at orders@iridiamedical.com or 888.404.6444 x 209 to get yours!

Secondly, we will be doing a draw for a free “Elvis for a Day”!* Get the chance to strengthen your team, inspire their confidence, and make them more comfortable with saving a life with none other than Iridia’s very own SmartMan, Elvis! Normally, a $300 value but you have the chance to win him by filling in this form here: https://forms.gle/i4TdGxij5TYQ6h296

The winner will be contacted on July 8th at 12!

Best of luck!

*Winner will incur costs associated with shipping for “Elvis for a Day”

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