Iridia enters the Metaverse

Since 1998, we’ve been Enabling Peace of Mind for those responsible for responding to medical emergencies.

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had, but sadly, it has been limited.   The difference we have made has been limited ……. to the physical world.

But no more.

Right before our eyes, a whole new world is burgeoning with the evolution of the Metaverse. Significant investment dollars have been committed, fibre pipe is being laid at a dizzying rate, and zero latency approaches for all.

And with it, promises of opportunities to channel our inner daredevil, to escape to beautiful destinations at the click of a button, or define a new you.

As the masses embrace this new horizon, we see a place for Iridia.   The same vital services we offer in the physical domain will be needed in the digital realm, and today, we take our first step to that end.


We’ve already bought land plots for the Iridia Digital Ecosystem (IDE) and have recently put the final touches on prefabricated facilities for service delivery.

Locations already open to serve include:


      • Drop by our clinic for a digital health tune-up or an anti-virus upgrade before exploring the broader Metaverse.


      • Injured while parasailing or BASE jumping?  We’ve got you covered – make your to I-MASH and our clinical will patch you up.

ECTO Fleet – Mobile Fleet

      • Can’t make it to IMASH? – No trouble, message us, and we’ll dispatch one of our ambulances to get you.   With embedded teleport capabilities, we pop you to IMASH in fractions of a second.

Iridia HQ (IDE)/ University

      • Join us for a fireside chat to learn more about the Iridia Way and our plans in the Metaverse.


And, of course, we are working on our own digital currency – Iritheum, as well as a governance token Clifford.

Both built as ERC-20 tokens, they will leverage the power and mass adoption of the Ethereum network and simplify use for all.

As an added bonus, Iritheum will be usable to buy goods and services in BOTH the Metaverse and the physical world.  And Clifford tokens will give you voting power to help us ensure we live our values within the Metaverse.

Join Us Now!

In celebration of today’s launch, we are offering a one-time chance for early enthusiasts to get a sneak peak at what we are planning.

To secure your VIP access, just fill out the form below and score the following rewards immediately:

An exclusive invitation to tour our IDE facilities: For launch week, facilities have embedded easter egg prizes and experiences throughout the building.

3 Iritheum and 5 Clifford tokens for free: To be airdropped to your digital wallet when the initial offering happens (eta is about 6 weeks from today)

Discounted pricing on general Metaverse gear (catalogue excerpt show below with anticipated market pricing)

Entries to win a full kit of Exclusive Meta Gear (also pictured below)

An exclusive gift usable in the physical world — because we can’t quite the physical completely.

Please note:   As much as we want to see you all in the Metaverse, we are capping our early adopter VIP rewards to the first 15 entries (Please note that the application form has been closed).

So, grab your headsets, and we’ll meet you at the Iridia HQ (IDE)!


Well,  we hope you all enjoyed Iridia’s 2022 April Fool’s event, we certainly did!

While we aren’t actually in the Metaverse as yet, it is certainly something we are keeping an eye on, and one day you may well see Iridia’s I-Prop (our logo) on display within it.

Stay tuned for more images and reflections from today’s event.


For those who signed up for our VIP Program, fear not as we will be in touch with a little something for you.

Team Iridia, (and future Metaverse enthusiasts).


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