Mobile has merit – I-MIS outlook for the future

The ‘Mobile has Merit’ blog series thus far has covered our initial decision-making process for going mobile, our 2 units implemented into Interior BC (Kelowna and Kamloops), and the two units delivered to Alberta (Grande Prairie and Calgary). With the final post, we wanted to shift the focus to the effects of opioids, and the potential future of I-MIS units.

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis is not abating across several geographical regions as evidenced by the table below:

Deaths from Opioids1

Year BC Death Toll Alberta Death Toll Canada Death Toll
2016 1006 602 3017
2017 1518 741 4100
2018 1525 775 4460

The opioid epidemic has continued to get worse as time has progressed. Going forward, we are interested in discussing the merits of mobile with all parties curious in exploring other options.

Our core value at Iridia is to enable peace of mind for those that respond to medical emergencies. Based on a need, we were given the opportunity to act and create the first I-MIS unit. We were able to learn and improve on subsequent units. Through proof of concept that can be replicated within areas of high utilization, the I-MIS may have potential.

Ultimately, we hope that the I-MIS units could be a part of the holistic solution to help end the opioid epidemic and are eager to aid in the fight in whatever capacity necessary.

1Deaths from Opioids –

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